Ontario Animal Health Network

What is  OAHN?

The Ontario Animal Health Network focuses on early disease detection in animals to identify trends in animal health issues that require action. To do this, the program has created expert veterinary networks for each species or commodity. The Bovine Network is comprised of 13 veterinarians representing Ontario Veterinary College, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, the Animal Health Laboratory at the University of Guelph and three private practitioners each representing a geographic area of the province.

Veterinarians who provide service to bovine producers are surveyed quarterly about the diseases and issues seen in practice. Results from this survey, along with a summary of laboratory results, are discussed to detect important trends and emerging animal health issues. This information is distributed as a summary report with supportive educational materials to bovine veterinarians. The overall goal of the network is to improve the health of the Ontario bovine herd.

For more information please visit OAHN’s website, Facebook page, or Twitter.

OAHN Producer Reports

2020 May to June OAHN Quarterly Industry Report

2019 Q3 OAHN Bovine Producer Report

2019 Q2 OAHN Bovine Producer Report

2019 Q1 OAHN Bovine  Producer Report

April 2019 Quarterly Producer Report (Q4 2018)

March 2019 Quarterly Producer Report (Q3 2018)

April 2018 – AHL lab data, Calf Surveillance
February 2017 – Quarterly Report
July 2016 – Calf Surveillance, PID
April 2016 – OAHN Bovine Initiatives 
March 2016 – Introduction, Salmonella Dublin, Premise ID