Licence Fee reminder

In order to assist those who have not yet remitted licence fees for their dairy bob calf purchases from private treaty or dealer sales, VFO has created the worksheets below to assist in calculating remittances.
Please take the time to fill the worksheet out if you are not currently remitting on a regular basis. As a reminder, Regulation 58/15 (i) requires any person who receives veal cattle to deduct the money payable for the veal cattle any licence fees payable to the local board by the person from whom the veal cattle is received and to forward the licence fees to the local board. (“Bob calves” are considered veal cattle.)
If you have not already sent in your Form 1 identifying you as a veal producer please do so. They can be emailed, faxed or sent by regular mail to the office. If you require additional assistance with remittance, please contact the office.