Livestock Medicines Education Program (LMEP)

What is the LMEP?

The LMEP is an education program addressing farmer, farm family, animal health and safety issues. The LMEP promotes the responsible use and safe handling of livestock medicines used on-farm through a one-day course and exam. Upon successful completion of an LMEP course producers will earn a certificate. The issues addressed in this course include food safety and building consumer confidence. This is a voluntary one-day course for all livestock producers. Courses are being offered for veal, dairy, beef, poultry, and sheep/goats. You do not have to participate in a course for each commodity that you produce.

Why should I take a LMEP course?

The course and accompanying material are designed specifically for producers with practical information that can be put to immediate use on the farm:

  • to increase returns
  • to enhance food safety
  • to build consumer confidence
  • to compliment Quality Assurance Programs developed by commodity organizations
  • to share ideas and learn with other livestock producers
  • potential government legislation in 2003 will require this course to purchase over-the-counter livestock medicines

What is the cost?

Enrollment is limited to 25 participants per course. The cost to take this one-day course is $100 per person, however, this program is partially funded by the Agricultural Adaptation Council allowing the course costs to be funded at 50%. This means that courses are being offered at $50 per person while funding is available. To find out about course dates and locations in your area call 1-877-480-9992. For more information check out

What will I learn at a LMEP course?

Through proper purchasing, handling, storage and use of livestock medicines you will:

  • decrease costs through correct dosing and reduced wastage
  • learn that diagnosis is the basis of all livestock medicines use
  • minimize risks to animals and humans
  • improve animal health and performance
  • enhance food safety and consumer confidence