Finding research, management issues and production information about and for the veal industry can sometimes be a difficult process. This section is dedicated to providing topical, timely, and interesting information about the grain-fed and milk-fed sectors of the veal industry.

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Licence Fee FAQ
Who has to pay? How is the money collected? And answers to other frequently asked questions.

Grain-fed veal factsheets

Deciding to raise calves for the grain-fed veal market requires thorough and thoughtful planning. This series of factsheets will help answer common questions and guide you in the right direction.

The Building the Foundation for Healthy Calves II manual

This manual is an essential producer resource designed to address the challenges of today’s veal and dairy calf producers while highlighting the latest best management practices.

Maximizing the value of male dairy calves

Learn more about key aspects of calf management during the first nine days of life that will improve the value of male dairy calves leaving the farm, maximizing returns.

Learn more about Bill 156

Find more information about Bill 156, what it means for Ontario farmers, truckers and processors, and how you can show your support on social media at:

Veal Farmed Animal Antimicrobial Stewardship (FAAST) Reviews

These online learning modules feature interactive tools and practical resources for both veterinarians and farmed animal owners. Learn more here.


Codes of Practice


The Canada Agricultural Products Act and Regulation referenced in the 2009 O. Reg 266/09 Livestock and Poultry Grades and Sales Regulation infosheet have been repealed and consolidated under the Federal Safe Food for Canadians Act and Regulation and incorporated by reference in the Beef, Bison and Veal Carcass Grade Requirements document.

  • An amendment now brings the maximum weight limit for a veal carcass from 180 kg to 190 kg and came into effect January 15, 2020.
  • The purpose of the amendment is to provide the Canadian veal industry with the flexibility and opportunity to manage veal carcass weights throughout the supply chain.

O. Reg. 266/09 under the Food Safety and Quality Act provides information on beef and veal identification requirements for provincially licensed meat plant operators.

Reg. 56 under the Beef Cattle Marketing Act provides regulatory requirements associated with weighing of live cattle.

Reg. 55 under the Beef Cattle Marketing Act provides regulatory requirements associated with weighing of carcasses.   

Verified Veal Record-keeping Templates

Barn Fire Resources

Emergency Management

Business and Marketing

Government and Other Industry Partners

Ontario Agricultural Organizations

Canadian Agricultural Organizations


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