Security from Trespass

The Security from Trespass and Protecting Food Safety Act, 2020 (the Act) protects Ontario farm animals, farms, farmers and their families, agri-food employees, and the safety of the entire food supply by addressing the ongoing threat of unwanted trespassing and from unauthorized interactions with farm animals.

The Act strikes an important balance, respecting the right to peaceful public protest, while giving the justice system the tools it needs to help protect farmers, agri-food workers and businesses, and the food supply from trespassing and harassment.

Learn more about the Act in this new fact sheet here.

More information for farmers can be found at at

Animal Protection ZonesĀ 

Learn more about Animal Protection Zones here, and use this decision tree to determine where a sign is needed.


Specific requirements must be met if a sign is required, including size and colour. This is an example of a sign. More information on how to obtain a sign will be available soon.