2018 Healthy Calf Conference sells out after reaching record attendance

Practical, take-home tips resonate with conference participants

Guelph, ON – With nearly 550 attendees and one sold out location, the 2018 Building the Foundation: Dairy and Veal Healthy Calf Conference (HCC) brought innovative ideas to producers across Ontario on November 27th in Stratford and November 29th in Maxville, and at a special “Vet Night” event exclusively for bovine veterinarians. Expert speakers offered advice on all aspects of calf management, including health, housing, welfare, feeding, and behaviour. The excellent networking among attendees, experts, and exhibitors is a hallmark of HCC, and this year was no different. Each attendee left with practical tips they could implement during that evening’s chores.

“You are the CEO of your calves,” encouraged Jayne Dietrich, co-owner, Character Dairy Genetics, as she concluded the 2018 Building the Foundation: Dairy and Veal Healthy Calf Conference (HCC). “You are responsible for making sure all calves are treated the same way, every time,” she stressed.

Dietrich, along with Laura Schuurman from Joe Loewith & Sons Ltd., and Aaron Keunen of Mapleview Agri Ltd., was part of the all-new producer panel, featuring three experienced Ontario calf managers offering virtual tours of their farms and sharing tips for reducing calf morality and raising high-production animals. The panel concluded the day, framing recommendations from veterinarians and scientists earlier in the program in a practical way and allowing attendees to see how the latest research in calf management can be used on their own farm.

“We recognize the important role dairy producers play in the veal industry,” explains Tom Kroesbergen, Chair, Veal Farmers of Ontario.  “It is always encouraging to see how many people are making their calves a priority by attending the HCC with their calf management team.”

If you missed the event, proceedings from the HCC can be purchased from the VFO office. Proceedings include slideshows from each presenter as well as calf care resources, including videos, articles, booklets, and more.

The next HCC will take place in 2020. Be sure to get your tickets before they sell out – sign up at calfcare.ca to be the first to know about our popular events and calf raising tips in our monthly newsletter. Calf Care Corner is also on Facebook and Twitter.

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