VFO Licence fees set to increase November 1, 2019

Expansion of consumer marketing programs will drive demand for Ontario veal

Guelph, Ontario, October 24, 2019–Effective November 1, 2019, Veal Farmers of Ontario (VFO) licence fees will increase by $1.50 to $5.50 per head.

The VFO thanks their members for the overwhelming support shown at the 2019 Annual General Meeting to mirror the implementation timelines and licence fee/check-off level increase planned by Beef Farmers of Ontario (BFO). VFO has worked with BFO to ensure simultaneous implementation of both the VFO licence fee increase and the BFO check-off increase to reduce confusion in the cattle marketplace and ensure compliance with all shared industry partners.

“Licence fees are an investment in our industry, and the VFO Board is sensitive to the current and very real financial challenges veal producers are experiencing with prices and bringing veal cattle to market,” says Tom Kroesbergen, Chair, VFO. “VFO has not increased licence fees since its inception on April 1, 2015, and these funds will be applied directly towards expanding marketing and consumer relations efforts in order to create more opportunities to grow the Ontario veal marketshare,” he continues.

Expanding marketing initiatives such as the popular Ontario’s Best Veal Sandwich contest and campaign, retail and consumer engagement strategies, culinary education programming, consumer marketing and awareness, research, and export market development, will create more opportunities to grow demand for Ontario veal.

“With increased demand for finished Ontario veal cattle, producers should expect more stabilized markets for quality male dairy calves, benefiting all members of the supply chain,” explains Pascal Bouilly, Vice-Chair, VFO. “Together, we will build a proactive and engaged dairy calf and veal industry in Ontario,” he adds.

The VFO Board of Directors, as a regulated marketing board, has the authority to raise (or lower) licence fees as outlined in the Farm Products Marketing Act and Ontario Regulation 58/15 Veal Cattle Marketing without the approval of their voting members.

More information about how your licence fees work for you can be found here.

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