Bouilly re-elected to another term as VFO Chair

Veal Farmers of Ontario (VFO) is pleased to announce the re-election of Pascal Bouilly as Chair and Cameron Knip as Vice Chair, at a recent meeting of the Board of Directors.

Bouilly, the Dairy Calf Supply Chain Manager with Delft Blue Veal in Cambridge, was appointed to the VFO Board of Directors in 2015 and served as Vice Chair for two years prior to being elected Chair in 2020 and 2021. Bouilly is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the farm, specializing in starting young dairy calves for the grain-fed veal and dairy-beef sectors.

“The veal industry has undergone a great deal of change in recent years and it’s important to have a proactive organization like VFO to represent farmers, especially during times of uncertainty,” says Bouilly. “As Chair, I look forward to the year ahead as we focus our attention on the issues, initiatives, and projects that will best support our members and our industry.”

Knip, who joined the Board in 2019, raises veal cattle south of Exeter where he also cash crops with his family and is involved in a sow operation. He has served as Vice Chair since 2021.

“As Vice Chair, I look forward to continue working with my fellow directors to strategically address issues directly impacting male dairy calf and veal producers,” says Knip. “Driving demand for Ontario veal through marketing initiatives and exploring export opportunities, along with continued focus on business risk management programs, will be key priorities for VFO this year.”

Bouilly, Knip, and Aaron Keunen were acclaimed to the VFO Board at the 2022 virtual Annual General Meeting on March 9 and will serve three-year terms.

Palmerston-area producer Aaron Keunen raises Holstein calves for the grain-fed veal market as well as cattle for the backgrounding and finished beef cattle markets. He is also involved in his family businesses Mapleview Agri Ltd. and TruVital Animal Health.

Keunen fills a vacant seat from retiring long-time VFO Director Brian Keunen, who has been a member of the Board since VFO’s inception in 2015 and was VFO’s first Chair.

Returning to the eight member VFO Board of Directors are Sid Atkinson (Roseneath), Judy Dirksen (Harriston), Phil Kroesbergen (Mount Brydges), Kurtis Moesker (Stratford), and Dylan Yantzi (Tavistock).

“Thank you to each one of the members of the Board for your willingness to serve the Ontario veal cattle sector,” says Bouilly. “And thank you to Brian Keunen for his many contributions to our organization and our industry.”

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