Animal care is a top priority for Veal Farmers of Ontario (VFO), and through new research projects, innovation and education, we continue to work with producers to find solutions to their on-farm issues and improve calf health in the province.

Calf welfare in the first 24 hours

The first 24 hours after a calf is born can have tremendous effects on their overall performance and health throughout their life. This makes early management and rearing practices a key component to raising healthy calves for the dairy, veal and dairy-beef industries.

Overcoming challenges with male dairy calves

Watch this video featuring Frank Vander Shock, a dairy farmer, as he learns about the challenges male dairy calves and their owners face. He describes five key factors of calf health that can influence purchase price, as well as future health and performance.

The video is based on findings from a team of University of Guelph researchers led by Dr. Dave Renaud, evaluating ways to improve the health of male dairy calves. The research was supported by VFO, and we encourage dairy and veal farmers to continue to work together.

For more information, brought to you by VFO, is a toolbox for farmers and industry professionals navigating challenges with calf health, welfare and nutrition.

The Building the Foundation for Healthy Calves II manual is an essential producer resource designed to address the challenges of today’s veal and dairy calf producers while highlighting the latest best management practices. Written by leading experts in calf management, this manual will help producers establish sound calf management protocols and take a proactive, complete farm approach to calf nutrition, disease, housing, and transportation.

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