The Ask the Expert Virtual Producer Workshops are designed to connect busy producers with leading experts on veal cattle and business management. Find recordings of the webinars below.

Session 1

An overview of BRM programs for veal

Agricorp Staff

Business Risk Management (BRM) programs have evolved. Learn about the changes made to improve the BRM programs for veal producers and ask questions of Agricorp staff experts. Whether your farm is enrolled in the programs or has never applied before, there something for everyone to learn.

Session 2

Understanding feed ratios for grain-fed veal cattle

Holly McGill M.Sc., ruminant nutritionist

Feeding a widening ratio of whole corn and pellets to veal cattle is well-accepted practice; but why do we feed this way? Review the varying nutritional needs of growing and finishing veal cattle and learn how the different feed ratios address these needs.

Session 3

Feeding fibre: Connecting rumen health with veal cattle productivity

Holly McGill M.Sc., ruminant nutritionist

When feeding for optimal gain, it’s obvious that the grain mix being fed plays a critical role – but what role does fibre play, and what’s being left on the table when it’s not fed?