Board focusing on enhanced communications and integrity in collection system 

Veal Farmers of Ontario (VFO) is pleased to announce that Geoff Holwell has joined the organization in the newly created position of Inspection and Compliance Officer.

“Since VFO came into force in April 2015, we have worked openly and diligently on education and awareness with our industry partners with respect to the collection and remittance of the mandatory licence fees and as a result developed some great partnerships,” said Jennifer Haley, VFO Executive Director. “However, we are now moving into the next phase of development as an organization and looking to ensure equitable compliance for all stakeholders with additional outreach to the industry,” she added.

The primary responsibilities of this new position are to ensure compliance with the VFO’s regulations and maintain integrity in the licence fee collection system. The position will be responsible for ongoing communications with industry stakeholders that will include auditing and inspection functions to ensure licence fee remittances are timely and accurate.

Geoff brings with him a comprehensive resume of experience that includes a broad spectrum of law enforcement, investigative and auditing roles over the past 26 years that include municipal policing, border services as well as forensic insurance investigations.

In his role as the VFO Inspection and Compliance Officer, Geoff will be working with producers, industry partners, and stakeholders to monitor, discuss, and create awareness for licence fee remittance obligations that are part of VFO’s marketing board regulations. “I am looking forward to meeting with and working with our industry partners to provide assistance to them where I can and to ensure compliance,” said Holwell.

“On behalf of VFO, I would like to welcome Geoff to the VFO team,” stated Pascal Bouilly, VFO Chair. “For VFO, it is the right time for our organization to take this next step and demonstrate to our members, industry partners, and the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission that VFO’s licence fee collection system is thorough, transparent, responsible, equitable, and has integrity,” he added.

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