CVA joins others requesting an exemption for ground veal, beef

As part of their Healthy Eating Strategy, Health Canada is proposing an unwarranted ‘high saturated fat’ label for ground veal, beef, pork, and lamb sold in retail. Front-of-Package (FOP) warning labels for single-ingredient foods contradict the principles of healthy eating and only serve to confuse consumers making important food choices for their families.

Unlike other countries that have implemented similar requirements and exempted all single ingredient whole foods, Canada is the only nation proposing this unwarranted warning label for ground meat. Due to the nutritional value of ground veal, limited impact on Canadians’ saturated fat intake, and to also protect against possible trade implications, the Canadian Veal Association (CVA) will be sending Health Canada a letter requesting an exemption for ground veal, and all single ingredient ground red meats, from FOP regulations.

Veal Farmers of Ontario (VFO) is encouraging veal producers and our industry partners to add their name to the ‘Don’t label my beef!’ campaign to show our opposition to this misleading label. We must ensure Canadians continue to have affordable, accessible, and whole nutritious foods, like ground meat, available. As veal producers we are part of the cattle sector, and because we are stronger together we encourage you to visit the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) website to sign-up and show your support. You can also share your concerns on social media using the hashtag #dontlabelmybeef to raise awareness.

Canadian veal farmers take pride in producing a lean, nutrient-packed protein that is high in iron, zinc and B12. VFO strongly believes ground veal, along with all other ground red meats, should be exempt from Health Canada’s proposed FOP labelling. With your support, we can tell Health Canada that this is the wrong message to send consumers and along with the CVA support an exemption to protect ground meat, a nutritious staple for vulnerable populations and Canadian families, from harmful labels. With inflation and food prices at an all-time high, the negative consequences of a warning label on ground meat will be felt more strongly by consumers and throughout the supply chain.

Visit to learn more about this issue. Sign-up to show your support here.


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