Grain-fed veal factsheets

Deciding to raise calves for the grain-fed veal market requires thorough and thoughtful planning. This series of factsheets will help answer common questions and guide you in the right direction.

Becoming a grain-fed veal farmer in Ontario

Find the answers to common questions about purchasing and marketing veal cattle, and learn more about starting a grain-fed veal farm in Ontario in this factsheet.

Feeding for finish

Grain-fed veal cattle are fed a balanced ration based of grain (usually clean, whole-shelled corn) and pellets made of protein, vitamins, and minerals. A small amount of roughage should be offered daily to maintain rumen health. Cattle should also have continuous access to their feed, to encourage slower eating and stimulate chewing. Ensure there is adequate bunk space for each animal. Learn more about feeding for finish in this factsheet.

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