Veal Farmers of Ontario (VFO) is pleased to announce the election of Middlesex County veal producer Phil Kroesbergen as Chair and Dylan Yantzi as Vice Chair, at a recent meeting of the Board of Directors.

Kroesbergen, who joined the Board in 2017, farms full-time with his father and brother near Strathroy. Their family operation, Creekside Acres, has been producing veal exclusively for over 30 years. Kroesbergen previously served as Vice Chair in 2020, returning to the Executive in the fall of 2022.

“It is a privilege to lead this sector and work on behalf of Ontario’s veal cattle and dairy calf producers,” says Kroesbergen. “As Chair, I look forward to the year ahead as we focus our attention on the issues, initiatives, and projects that will best support our members and our industry.”

Yantzi, who was appointed to the VFO Board in 2021, raises veal cattle near Tavistock with his family and works in the dairy feed industry.

“As Vice Chair, I look forward to working with my fellow directors to strategically address issues directly impacting dairy calf and veal cattle producers,” says Yantzi. “Continued collaborations with our industry partners and colleagues will be a focus for organization in the coming year as we work together on key issues impacting the Ontario agri-food sector.”

Yantzi and Kurtis Moesker (Stratford) were acclaimed to the VFO Board at the 2023 Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on March 8 in Elora, Ontario and will serve three-year terms.

Joining the VFO Board of Directors is Kyle Roes, an experienced veal cattle producer from the Millbank-area who is also involved in the feed industry.

Roes fills one of two vacant seats from retiring VFO Chair Pascal Bouilly and past Vice Chair, Cameron Knip (Exeter). His two-year appointment began following the 2023 AGM.

Returning to the eight member VFO Board of Directors are Sid Atkinson (Roseneath), Judy Dirksen (Harriston), and Aaron Keunen (Palmerston). One seat remains vacant and will be filled by a one-year appointment, approved by the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission, that will end at the 2024 AGM.

“On behalf of the VFO Board of Directors, I would like to thank Pascal and Cam for their leadership and service to the Ontario veal industry,” says Kroesbergen. “We welcome Kyle to the board and look forward to adding his fresh perspective to our discussions.”

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