Celebrating together again with Ontario Veal

Food is at the heart of so many of our favourite special occasions, celebrations, and holiday entertaining when we gather with our family and friends. At this time of the year there are so many different holidays and celebrations taking place. Many cannot wait to entertain and gather once again, and it all starts with the food!

A special celebration deserves a special menu, and Ontario Veal is the perfect centre of the plate protein choice. Tender, lean, and flavourful, Ontario Veal is a versatile meat protein that perfectly complements the many different herbs, spices, and family favourite recipes that so many enjoy.

To highlight the holidays, Veal Farmers of Ontario is launching a new campaign “Celebrating together again with Ontario Veal” as part of its consumer marketing program targeting the many different multi-cultural celebrations and traditions that are part of the holiday season. The campaign, funded in part by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs is focused on promoting local Ontario Veal to Ontario’s culturally diverse communities.

Consumers are excited to gather once again this season after two years of pandemic restrictions and recreate some of the foods we all love during these special celebrations. “Food memories are some of the strongest emotional ties we have to our families and friends,” said Jennifer Haley, Executive Director with Veal Farmers of Ontario. “The tastes and aromas of special dishes created by loved ones and enjoyed together is something so special and Ontario Veal holds a special place on these menus,” she added.

“We appreciate the funding support from the Government of Ontario for this project to help us leverage opportunities to promote local Ontario Veal to the consumer,” stated Pascal Bouilly, Veal Farmers of Ontario Chair.

“The government of Ontario appreciates the importance of coming together again to celebrate the upcoming season and a wonderful source of protein that the Veal Farmers of Ontario are capturing in their holiday campaign,” said Lisa Thompson, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. “Boosting the promotion of nutritious food grown in Ontario helps consumers identify what delicious and fresh food is available throughout the year. Ontario’s veal farmers are diligent in their awareness about providing the highest quality meat for Ontarians to enjoy this holiday season and beyond.”

Through a variety of digital media partnerships, partnering with social media influencers as well as other communications outreach, Veal Farmers of Ontario is targeting the many different holiday celebrations that are part of the season. With the goal of raising the awareness for including local Ontario Veal as new food memories are created and we gather once again the campaign will run from November 2022 to January 2023. For more information and updates check out www.ontariovealappeal.ca

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