Veal Farmers of Ontario (VFO) is pleased to announce that the launch of the revised second edition of the “Building the Foundation for Healthy Calves II” manual will involve distribution to all Ontario veal and dairy producers.

This manual is an essential producer resource designed to address the challenges of today’s veal and dairy calf producers while highlighting the latest best management practices. Written by leading experts in calf management, this manual will help producers establish sound calf management protocols and take a proactive, complete farm approach to calf nutrition, disease, housing, and transportation.

“VFO is pleased to provide every dairy and veal producer in the province a copy of this resource,” said Pascal Bouilly, VFO Chair. “Animal care is a top priority for VFO, and this manual is an important way for us to encourage both producers and veterinarians to incorporate calf health during regular visits and ensure that all calves consistently receive the highest quality of care.”

Producers will receive a complimentary copy with the Winter issue of The Connection, or the December issue of the Milk Producer, depending on whether they are subscribed to one or both publications.

“This resource has been updated to give producers the latest recommendations when it comes to caring for their calves,” said Kendra Keels, VFO’s Industry Development Director. “The basic principles of calf-raising are the same, whether your calves are destined for the milking herd or meat production, and we want to get all calves off to a healthy start,” she added.

Copies will also be available for purchase on in the New Year.

Find the full news release here.


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