Veal Farmers of Ontario (VFO) is pleased to congratulate Premier Ford and the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario on their election victory as well as all newly elected and re-elected Members of Provincial Parliament.

“We are looking forward to working with our government colleagues to continue building upon the Risk Management Program that will support primary agricultural production and our farmers in their efforts to continue to build a robust domestic food supply chain for all Ontarians,” says Pascal Bouilly, VFO Chair.

VFO looks forward to working collaboratively with the new provincial government to ensure the following priorities remain at the forefront of the government’s agenda:

  • Increase the cap on the Ontario Risk Management Program by $100 million
  • Grow Ontario’s share of the grocery aisle, through increased domestic marketing funding
  • Provide additional support to help farmers adapt new technologies to improve environmental practices and preserve farmland through adopting new provincial land use policies that will recognize the value of agricultural lands to all Ontarians
  • Recognize the role Ontario farmers play in carbon sequestration and ensure that farms receive sufficient support in any carbon pricing program
  • Support for mental health services for farmers and Ontarians living in rural communities
  • Increase investment in programs that support meat processing capacity at provincial facilities and collaborate with industry to recruit and train workers across the meat value chain

Across Ontario, veal farmers generate $475 million in economic activity, creating employment opportunities and strengthening rural communities.

Find the full statement here.

Find VFO’s priority issues for the veal sector here.


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